December 17, 2015

We have more Tie Dyed Hoodies!

We have heard about the success a bunch of our customers have had in selling our tie dyed hoodies. We have now added more styles to choose from. They are all in adult sizes and are very modestly priced to make it easy for you to re-sell. Please come to our site and check them out. While you are there you can also see the many different selections of the tye dye tee shirts we have as well.

Item# TDT224 Pot Leaves Marijuana Hoodie

Item# TDT225 Blue Tornado Tie Dyed Hoodie

 Item# TDT226 Island Rainbow Tie Dyed Hoodie

There's even more to choose from! And as I mentioned before, we also have tie dyed tee shirts and a few different tie dyed dresses.

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