October 28, 2015

Have some fun with pranks this Holiday Season

Wow, it seems like the holidays are coming up so quickly. I was lost in thought this afternoon and I realized that it is almost time for Thanksgiving dinner. This is one of my favorite holidays. Pretty soon I will be preparing a huge feast so that all of my relatives and close friends can come over to watch football, lounge around my house and eat to their hearts content.

This is also the time I love to stock up on lots of prank and gag items. I know, I know. It sounds mean. But it's all in good fun. You would think that after so many years of me pulling gags and jokes on them, that people would learn not to pick things up that are laying around my home. But they don't learn. And that gives me prime opportunities to get a much appreciated deep belly laugh or two.

One of my tried and true classic pranks is Noveltees Dribble Glass. Item# TJ130. It's very easy to get someone with this. You just put some water in it for your thirsty friend or relative and hand it to them. When they tip it to take a drink, the fluid will leak out onto the front of their shirt. (Don't worry, water dries).

Other great prank ideas come from Noveltees Wholesale great selection of shock items. Ok, so you may not want to do this to grandma or anyone with heart issues. But everyone else is going to be fair game. I seriously get the deepest belly laughs when I watch someone deliver a powerful yet harmless shock to themselves. I have previously used the shock lemonade can, shock bottle opener, shocking potato chip bag clip, shocking pen as well as many others. This year I think I'm going to go with the shock book, shocking twist candy, shock candy bar, and shocking computer mouse.

You can see all of these items and more if you search our site for the word SHOCK or SHOCKING. Use your imagination. You are bound to get some good laughs out of these.

Since I am always the one that prepares the meals, I was trying to figure out something that would tie into the meal service. I think I may put a rubber chicken on a platter and serve that in place of the turkey. (Of course I would still bring the turkey out afterwards).

Please visit our site and look through all of the different ways that you can get a laugh this holiday season. Don't forget to join our mailing list to receive discount codes, coupons and notifications of our new items.

 Have fun, be safe and Happy Holidays.

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