September 22, 2015

Get your items on display and increase your sales!

I was recently out browsing yard sales and estate sales when I notices something that had a tremendous impact on the amount of items these people were selling. At one sale I noticed a box full of costume jewelry, which I felt compelled to browse through. I found an adorable pin and wanted to purchase it. As I was trying to wave down the owner for some help another lady walked up and commented on how messy the items were displayed and that she would love to buy things but wasn't very confident in the quality of the items because of the way they were just thrown in a box with tons of "other junk".

Then it dawned on me. As I was out that entire day, I noticed that every sale I went to this was the norm. Random boxes full of "who knows" without any reason or rhyme. I actually found something to buy at each sale. And I decided to do my own yard sale. I grabbed a few different display rack from here at Noveltees to display my items and prevent the dreaded "miscellaneous boxes".

I noticed at my sale that customers were really able to see all of the items I had for sale and it was a lot easier for me to showcase the items that I thought would be great sellers. I think my customers also appreciated the fact that I had neatly displayed all of the items, making it easier for them to browse through. I made out pretty good at the sale and have plans to do it again.

Overall, we believe that proper merchandising definitely increases sales. This goes from the garage sale all the way to a grocery store. It gives you the ability to showcase items at your discretion as well as keep your items nice and organized so that you know exactly what you are working with.

We have tons of display racks. For sunglasses, jewelry and just general merchandise. Make sure to check out our Displays.  

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