February 25, 2015

Facts and history of the mexican flag

  Mexico flag # FL179


Over the years, the free printable Mexican flag colors have remained the same, but the colors pertaining to the flag meaning has changed.

The flag colors have been in existence since 1821, but the flag we see today with the meaning of the colors has been in existence since 1968. The coat of arms displayed in the center of the flag is used to set the flag apart from the flag of Italy, which uses the same flag colors.

The flag images show the coat of arms as a eagle holding a serpent while perched on top of a cactus that appears to be set atop a rock above the lake.

The flag symbolizes independence in the color green, religion with the color white and union with the color red. After the change in Mexico that separated the country from President Benito Juarez, the color meanings changed.

The green symbolized hope, white was unity and red was blood of the heroes. However, the World Encyclopedia of Flags has mentioned that the color green means hope, white purity and red religion. The flag history is complicated with the rise and fall of the government over the years. The flag photos over the years have shown how the flag has changed in design as far as the coat of arms, but the colors have remained intact.


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