December 20, 2014

Light Up Christmas Hats and Flags

Do you need the perfect present for Christmas? We’ve got a ton of really great options for you here at Noveltees Company! One that is especially enjoyable this time of year is our amazing 3x5 decorative Christmas flags! They are made to be hung inside or out, and make beautiful decorations wherever you decide to hang them. They also make great presents for friends and family. Get a few of them and give them away as Christmas prizes at your party, or get one for each guest as a parting gift. It’s a great alternative to the regular Christmas card as well, write a little note in marker and send it off to friends and family!

We’ve also got a great supply of light up Santa Hats! These are great for getting a good laugh and to set the mood at your Christmas party this holiday season!

Do you need a quality gift for a loved one? Perhaps you want to give a funny present for a white elephant gift, or you’re just looking for something that someone you care about really wants? There are so many possible presents for everyone on your shopping list! And the best part? You’ll get these gifts at mind blowing prices that won’t even put a dent in your bank account.

Last minute shopping? Need a Santa Costume short notice? We have anything you could possibly want on our online store! A few posts ago, we talked about the amazing costumes Noveltees Company has in stock, and included in that was a high quality Santa Costume. Whether you want to dress up for a kid’s party, or like my dad, you want to dress up while you put Christmas Presents under the tree so that spying kids will be none the wiser, it’s the perfect thing to get. 

It reminds me of the holiday classic, “I saw mama kissing Santa Claus,” when a sneaky child spies on Santa, and he gets the surprise of his life when he sees his mother kissing him under the mistletoe. Now that I’m older I realize it was the child’s dad dressed up the whole time, and I always loved the tradition of dressing up to put out Christmas presents Christmas Eve, and it’s something I’ll do for my kids too! Who knows, maybe they’ll catch my wife and me engaged under a mistletoe too!

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