December 18, 2014

Funny Presents: Exploding Golf Ball Story

The other day, my friend and I were out golfing on a beautiful pristine golf course in southern Utah. We were really enjoying the cooler weather and the beautiful red rock scenery that day. My friend was on a work retreat, and he invited me to come along as his plus one since his wife didn’t like golf and his brother was out of town. I hate to admit it, but the day was going in his favor, and he was out shooting everyone in our small group. His boss and several other coworkers were playing with us on that perfect Saturday afternoon. My friend had a large grin on his face as he putted his ball into the hole, giving him a birdie, and setting him far into the lead.

He patted his old boss on the back and said, “It’s a good thing we didn’t bet money on this game, or I’d have already sent you to the poor house!”

His boss laughed and replied, “If you’d put as much time into your work as you do into your golf game, you’d have my job by now!”

We all chuckled at that last burn and I decided it was time to strike. After we arrived at the next hole, I opened up my buddy’s bag and switched out a few of his golf balls with some of my “special” ones when he wasn’t paying attention. He opened his bag, grabbed a golf ball, and prepared to send it down the range. I chuckled and got my camera phone ready, preparing for the ensuing hilarity. He hit the golf ball as best he could… and nothing strange happened. It flew high into the air and very possibly landed on the green. I was utterly confused at that point. I realized that he must have just grabbed one of the regular balls still in his bag. I put my camera phone away, and decided I’d just have to wait until the next hole.

The old boss prepared to hit his ball now. Just then I realized that the bag he had grabbed a ball from was not his own. Apparently he and my buddy had been sharing their ball bag the entire game. I tried to stop him before he could hit it, but I was too late. The moment the driver came into contact with the ball, it exploded into a cloud of dust! To add to my horror, the wind picked it up in just the right way, and blew all the gag golf ball dust right into the poor geezer’s face. All of us stood frozen and wide eyed, as the boss coughed and spat. He looked at us confused and unsure. Then he burst out laughing. We all joined in, and I apologized while pointing at my friend and saying,

“I’m so sorry, that ball was meant for him! I swear!” This caused even louder fits of laughter.

He brushed off the dust, offered me a job, and then proceeded to fire me in that same instant. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon golfing and wearily checking all of our golf balls for any more fakes. It wasn’t what I had intended, but the prank ended up just as good as I’d hoped it would be. My only regret was that I didn’t have my camera out and rolling.

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