November 21, 2014

This is the place to find great store display racks for your merchandise.

Novelties company has all kinds of display racks for displaying your store merchandise. 

We carry displays for your sunglasses, jewelry, toys, bandanas, tee shirts, novelties and more.

Great counter display racks that the customer can see your merchandise better, There is a large variety of display rack large and small,

Spinning and wire counter display racks ,

Displaying your merchandise better can help increase to overall sale totals,

Don't forget our displays for the phone accessories, witch include the display for the phone cords both regular and the heavy cloth phone cords.

We also have the display for the phone head sets with the microphone and volume control,

The large 6 foot tall seven level floor spinning display rack is one of the best selling racks.

We carry this in different colors, like black, white, or the shinny chrome color,

The spinning peg board racks can fit a large variety of merchandise on. These come in 2 inch or 4 inch pegs and can display all different novelty or toy items.

The velvet head display racks are a great way to display hats or other head wear.

Try displaying your cowboy hats or novelty hats and check our the increased reaction from your customers.

Also our hanging wire display with clips are great to display alot of merchandise in a little bit of space.

Hang them from the ceiling and then clip on all different merchandise, like flags, tee shirts, toys, bandanas and other novelties,.

Check out all of our display rack to help you increase your retail sales.

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