May 12, 2015

Find the weird and fun novelties like our new holographic illusion eye glasses !!

Holograms glasses have been very popular. We just received a lot of new styles. Like Jesus, Mary, spider in a web, Buddha and more.

Don't forget our most popular ones. Like the lizard eye poker hologram glasses and the human eye ball hologram eye glasses.


Hologram glasses are great to wear the the party. Freek out all your friends and family, Fun to wear with your costume.

They have uv protection so they can be worn outside for sunglasses or inside for the party,

The hologram can be seen from the outside. But when your wearing them you can't see the image from the inside looking out.


We have all different of unusual novelty party glasses and a wide variety of men and women's sunglasses, readers and novelty glasses. 

Please take a moment and scroll through the website to find the sunglasses or novelty glasses that will work for you.




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