November 10, 2014

Novelty Costumes for any and all occasions!

No matter what time of year it is, the right novelty costume will spur hilarity or fear out of your intended victims. Either way you come off the winner, especially if you catch their reactions on tape. I think we should definitely start a campaign for April Fools in November… Hey, if they can do Christmas in July, why not? Well, Noveltees Company has a plethora (yes a plethora) of novelty costumes for any occasion! I’ll give you some great and hilarious examples.

The Gorilla Mask and Costume

Gorilla costumes are one of the Internet’s favorite ways of surprising and catching anyone unawares (even teddy bears! Eat your hearts out Bananas in Pajamas!) You can hide in a closet, under a bed, in the back of a car, in a hot tub, in a cupboard, in a washing machine, in a cage at the zoo, anywhere! Then you simply jump out at the most opportune moment to terrify your quivering, screaming, and terrified victim! Also they’re great for parties. Everybody wants to be friends with the random gorilla costume person.

Thanksgiving Feather Head Band

Maybe you aren’t for throwing an April Fools party in November, and that’s okay, because another great Novelty Costume is just right for this time of the year! The Warrior Chief Feather Head Band is just what you need to get big laughs at your yearly Thanksgiving celebration.


Santa Clause Complete Suit

Now you don’t have to hire anyone out! You can be Santa yourself this year, providing children everywhere with joy and wonder.


Play Mustaches

Oh have we got play mustaches! It’s our specialty! Nothing can lighten the mood in a bleak and intense moment more than a fake mustache. Hey, you can even disguise yourself and disappear right in front of your closest friends and family. They’ll never recognize you! Well, they might, but not if you cleverly disguise your voice! Give a French Inspector Jacques Clouseau voice a try. Yeah, that’ll fool them.

Much much more! 

Noveltees Company has a ton of other Novelty Costumes like princess hats, fake noses, wigs, leis, witches hats, crowns, hula skirts, feather masks, beards, and etc... Visit us at to find out more! And like our Facebook page for product updates and special offers! Noveltees Company: Bringing you a world of fun!

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