November 07, 2014

Five reasons you need a Light Up Laser Pen in your life!

Laser pointers aren’t a new technology by any means, but they’re still just as popular as ever. The reality is they’re really useful items if you know what to do with them… and they’re still the closest thing we’ve got to a light saber. But seriously though, why aren’t we funding that? Getting back on subject, there are a lot of fun and useful ways to use a laser pointer.

So without any further ado, here are five awesome ways you should be using a light up laser pen!

1. Stargazing: 

Stargazing can be fun, informative, or romantic depending on the setting. And no matter the setting, it can be made a lot easier with a laser pen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with scouts or on a date while trying to show off an awesome constellation or an amazing star (such as the North Star) and no one has any idea where I’m pointing. It replaced wonder and comprehension with confusion and frustration.

All of this changed when I took an astronomy class in college. About half way through the semester my whole class met outside on a clear moonless night, and the professor pulled from his bag of tricks a laser pen. It changed the way I stargaze forever!

            Safety Note: Try to circle stars and constellations rather than pointing right at them with your light up laser pen, that way if you mistake an aircraft for a star, you won’t distract or cause problems for the pilots. This is actually a much larger problem than most people think. Don’t be careless.

2. Playing with Animals (Carefully):

Who hasn’t entertained themselves for hours on end shining a laser light on the ground or wall near a beloved pet… or even a pet you don’t tend to like all that much. That’s the case with me. I used to tease my pets with my light up laser pen… until one fateful day when everything changed. 

Turning off the lights and using a laser to mess with my parent’s husky was one of my favorite pastimes (that’ll teach him to poop where he knows I’ll step.) But one day karma almost literally came at me in full force. I shined the light in small circles across the room, simply watching Boog chase it like the dumb animal he was. I shined it to the left, to the right, towards the wall, and he chased it as fast as he could, determined to catch his prey. Then, forgetting that Boog had little to no traction on the hard kitchen floor, I shined the light from the back wall to the ground just before my feet. The brute didn’t even try to stop! “Oh no!” were the only words that could escape my lips before being bowled over by the happiest dog I’ve ever seen in my life. I still see that as the day that Boog successfully caught the laser light up laser pen.

Safety Note: Be careful when playing with animals that you don’t shine the light up laser pen near their eyes, blinding pets is a real possibility if you’re being too careless. Just try to be aware. 

3. Movie Theaters:

 Don’t be that person. 

4. Laser Light Show: 

Laser Light Shows for friends or children can be a blast! There are a lot of different ways you can use a laser pointer just for different light shows. Here are some ideas you could use: 

-Use different tips to create pictures on the wall or ceiling.

-Shine the laser at a crystal and dance in the countless laser beams being reflected.

-Draw shapes or write words on the wall in the dark and have someone guess what they are.

-Take slow exposure pictures of designs or words you write on the wall.

-Mess with neighbors across the street (okay, don’t do this one (unless you really want to.))

-Pass out multiple light up laser pens and turn on some music, have a blast shining them all around the room, or move some furniture, and make a show on the blank wall. 

Safety Note: Make sure to remind anyone playing with or around laser lights, not to look directly in to them, or into anything reflecting or refracting the light. This could cause permanent damage to someone’s eye. 

5. Presentations and in a Learning Environment: 

They say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” to which I respond, “All play and no work makes Jack irresponsible.” Don’t be like Jack. Training someone, doing a presentation, teaching a class, working in design, and working in construction are just some of the projects that can be made easier and more effective by using a simple and affordable light up laser pen. 


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