August 12, 2014

Hours of Family Fun with Novelties Company!

There are a plethora of great items you can get for wholesale at Novelties Company! We specialize in hundreds of different types of items from toys to false teeth to phone accessories and so much more. Today I’d like to focus on one of my favorite toy items from The Novelties Company Website.  

When I say Potato Gun, your first thought is probably a large Potato cannon… but the potato gun I’m referring to is a hand held spring loaded air powered pistol for kids! This little beauty comes with hours of entertainment for a fantastic price! All you need is our Potato Gun and a potato! That’s it!

The directions are quite simple; you take the Potato Gun, push the tip into a potato, pop out a small chunk, aim and shoot! You’ll honestly be amazed by how far the projectile will fly! Kids can play safely with this quality item, while having a blast. In fact, one of my nephews recently brought his Potato Gun to a family function, and all the other kids wanted one. From across the yard he was able to accurately shoot me in the back of the head (don’t worry, I got him back) catching me completely off guard!

The only problem with the Potato Gun was that it made the rest of us wish we had one, so we could participate in an epic Potato Gun Battle that would go down in family history! Luckily Novelties Company offers all their products at wholesale! Give it a try! Don’t believe me? There are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube that show the awesome power that these little Potato Pellet Shooters possess. It’s fun for the whole family! That I guarantee you!

Find out more about Novelties Company and our Potato Shooters along with many other great products by clicking here! And like us on Facebook!  

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