July 21, 2014

Five scenarios in which you need to shock your co-workers!

Not long ago we talked about various shocker toys for your enjoyment. Well we love the idea so much (and who wouldn't?) that we’re having a repeat of the topic. Last time we talked about six toys that would make it fun to shock your coworkers. This week were going to be talking about five scenarios which will shock your coworkers even more! So let's jump right into it.

  1. The annoying board writer. Whenever you have a team meeting and there is that one person who always decides to use the board to illustrate all his ideas, you are always tempted to retaliate. So this time, instead of just looking bored and fiddling with your cell phone, slip in a nonlethal shocker whiteboard pen. In this scenario the board writer is playing board roulette with an unknown pen delivering more than just ink.
  2. The pen stealer. You know that annoying coworker who always “borrows” a pen? And I do mean always. The point is that whenever they borrow it, they never return it. For that person buy a pack of pens that look exactly like a shocker one. Out of the five pens that you give, one pen will be special. And the whole office will know when that coworker finally picks up the electrified pen.
  3. Candy Raider. In every office there's always that one guy that always is munching on a candy bar that he did not bring. If you are the one who is always wrong in the scenario, you can buy a couple of candy bars that are rich in electric ions. The next time this person tries to steal your food they will get a tingly surprise. Just make sure you remember which candy bar is the real one in which one is intended for your coworker.
  4. Gum stealer. Along the lines of the Candy raider, the gum stealer will take away what's rightfully yours. If you habitually have a secret pack of gum stashed away for personal use, protect it from these unconscionable people. No matter how you cut it, a person who doesn't ask to have some gum doesn't deserve any. Teach this lesson by moving your gum from the habitual hiding place, and replace your favorite packet of gum with the decoy. Just make sure you remember where the new place is, or you might be the one with the nasty surprise.
  5. The habitual smoker. Smoking is a nasty habit. Anybody who's ever been addicted knows how hard it is to quit. Help your addicted coworkers kick the stick, and get healthier! With electrified lighter, your friend will be reminded of the perils of the cancer stick each and every time they are tempted.

So no matter what you want to do with electric toys, here are few starter scenarios and how to use them.

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