June 25, 2014


Come and check out our new phone accessories!

Very high quality, durable and long lasting!


NEW Power bank charger:



Comes with cord with 3 charging options

 Usb end splits into 3:

1- mini usb

2- iphone 3g, 4, 4s

3- iphone 5

  • Power bank is about 4 inches long by one inch wide
  • Charging cords are about 8 inches long
  • Comes with key chain attached to corner
  • To charge flip the power cord around and put the
  • Mini usb into the power bank and plug usb into wall
  • Can plug any  usb cable into the power bank
  • Holds about two charges



We also got some great phone charger cloth cables!

They are 6 FEET long!! High quality chargers!

They come in Iphone5 chargers, Android chargers(mini USB) and Iphone 3 and 4.


We have GREAT phone accessories! ALL COME IN BRIGHT COLORS!


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