June 13, 2014

Patriotism, Let Us Be Patriotic

Patriotism is quite simply the feeling of affection towards your home country. Whatever country you are from, you always feel it towards that country. Every language on the planet has a term of affection for their country. And every country has something to be patriotic about. The United States surpasses all of these. In the United States we are not only patriotic because were born here. In the United States we have reasons to be patriotic far beyond country of origin. We would like to share with you some of the reasons we think we as Americans should be patriotic.

  1. The country designed to be free. With all the unrest worldwide and people and nations striving to be free, we are reminded of how cherished freedom is. In fact, back at the foundation of the United States we were the first of many nations to revolt against the old ways. This strive for freedom has been infectious to the world, and a magnet to its people for a very long time. The freedom that we have is the biggest reason to be patriotic.
  2. The country has opportunities for all. Unlike many places on our beautiful planet success in the United States is not determined by your birth. It is determined by your effort. In the United States every single man, woman and child are afforded the same opportunities for success. In United States we truly believe that all men are created equal and that man's effort sets them apart. That opportunity deserves our patriotism.
  3. The country is designed to be protected. We as a nation understand that to be protected there needs to be a strong deterrent from attack. As one of our presence famously said “walk quietly and carry a big stick.” He was in the first to share the sentiment. However his quote is one of the more famous ones. The protection that our country gives us should be enough to make us patriotic.
  4. The country is protected. Those of us who are not in the military service, are afforded the same protection as those who are. We have a class of people who inspire patriotism by sacrificing their lives for the protection of their country and countrymen. Military service is voluntary in our country. Those who are in the military service do so because of honor, patriotism, and loyalty to our country.




So let us be patriotic. These four reasons are not the only reasons to be patriotic. They should be more than enough. Leave us your comments with more reasons you patriotic below. Looking forward to hearing from you guys

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