May 21, 2014


We got some great new fake teeth in at a great price! Each pair is $4.50

We have an assortment of different teeth, one for every occasion!


We have the scary Zombie, Witch, Rotten Ghost, and Skeleton Teeth!

Or even check out or Meth head teeth!

Don't have a straight smile? Come check out our Instant Smile teeth for that beautiful pearly white smile.

We even have a Quarter-Buck teeth, Make it look like your missing a front tooth and fool your friends!

Going hunting and in need of some camouflaged teeth!? We have them here! Completely disguise yourself.


Each set comes with molding adhesive to fit your teeth, can be fitted to fit anyone. Instructions are included.


These teeth would be a great addition to a costume, or even just for fun!


Great high quality teeth! Come check them out!




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