April 24, 2014

What classic toys did you play with as a child

We all reminisce about the good old days and about the quality that used to be. In the good old days (whether it be in the 80s, 90s or early 2000's) the comedians were truly funny. Most of the time it is just personal bias. When it comes to toys, the classics never go out of style.

Looking back, we can all remember our first yo-yo, whoopee cushion, or electrified handshake. We all remember how much fun we had playing pranks on each other or just entertaining your-self with the simplest action. Those classic toys are still around today for a reason. The simple reason is that classic

toys never fail.

Imagine a kid. This particular child is bored. This kid spent the first part of the summer playing video games, watching TV, and eating too much junk food, to the point that his parents decided to cut him off. The cruelty of going cold turkey from the 21st century entertainment. With no flashing lights, entertaining characters, stupid comedy lines, and catchy tunes, this child is quite literally going brain-dead.

Have no fear, classic toys are here. The parents recognized symptoms of chronic brain atrophy and decide to intervene with a toy from their attic, a simple yo-yo. This does not break the rule of no entertainment since it does not require a battery, and the yo-yo does not stop him from playing outside. What a transformation it is! A simple yo-yo, which is little more than a piece of wood, a length of yarn, and a 

splash paint is capable of both entertaining and stimulating that child's brain and indefinitely.

The two examples I gave are hardly the limit. Whoopee cushions and yo-yos are just a starting point. Classic toys range from action figures and dolls to the classic board games, like a certain game based on the Napoleonic Wars. They are historically proven to stimulate your brain, enhance your imagination, develop logic and reasoning, and just in general be able to enrich your life.

What classic toys did you use as a kid?  Post below and share your favorite toy from your childhood.




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