March 24, 2014

How to Choose the Novelty Item for Your Store

Last week we discussed all the needs of selling novelty items in your store. We must have convinced you, since you are back this week. We won’t be talking about the benefits of wholesale novelty items for your store. This week we will talk about how to choose the right ones.

Opening the catalog of wholesale novelty items might be a little overwhelming. Glasses, stickers, toys, pranks, and gags, every item has a good place in this world and in a store. The trick is finding the one for your store.


Things to consider

It is easy to just get the wholesale novelties that appeal to you personally. It works, but only if your patrons are identical to you. Unl

ess you have a twin who comes to your store, it’s a given that all your patrons will be different and unique. So what do you look at when choosing the wholesale novelty items?

We are so happy you asked. There are a few things to consider. First of all, what are your other items in the store? Second, how much space do you have to fill with wholesale novelty items? Third, what does the novelty item advertise? Lastly, how many do you think you can sell quickly? That’s a lot of questions, let us take them on one by one.

Question1: What else is in the store? (WWCT)

It is important to not break the feel of your store when choosing wholesale novelty items. After all, a funny face squeeze ball doesn't exactly mesh well with an automotive store. So let us see what fits in your store appropriately.

Looking at an easy example, we can generate a basic rule of thumb to use for all types of stores.

An appliance store, with a focus on refrigerators wants to fill some space in their store. They open up a catalog of wholesale novelty items and now are faced with the decision of what section to look in. After all, tattoos won’t work. So what question should be asked? What do our customers think of when they think of our store? Too complex? Lets simplify it: What would customers think. (WWCT)

If your customers have come to your store for a fridge, they expect to see fridge related things in your store. Out of the box might be refreshing sometimes, but even out of the box has to be next to the box.

This simple question will always help you find the right wholesale novelty items for your store. We will continue with the other questions soon.  Hope to see you back here.

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