March 21, 2014


Hey guys!!

Just informing you all that we have our social media pages with a lot of different things to offer! There is so many different novelty toy items we sale. Something for everyone, every store and every occasion!! 

On the front page of our website, enter your email in the far bottom right corner to get promotional emails with discount codes and great deals!!! 

Like us on Facebook. We will post new items, discount codes, pictures, videos and sometimes do contests for FREE ITEMS!! Make sure you like the page here


Our YOUTUBE account is a great way to get a direct view of how some of our items work! They are very useful in the way that you can see exactly what they do and hey, some of our videos are pretty funny too!

Make sure to suscribe to our youtube account to see our new videos of our NEW HOT NOVELTY ITEMS!

You can check some of our videos out here:


Soon we will get some stuff up to pin on our Pinterest account!! You can follow that account and see out new hot novelty toy items!


We offer everything perfect for summer fairs, carnivals and parties! Light up swords, inflatable characters, crazy hats, small toys great for prizes!

We have a lot of fashionable stuff as in our groovy tie dye t shirts, printed screen tees and out abundant selection of awesome jewelry!

One of out hot items are our wonderful sterling silver plated biker rings, all sorts of styles perfect for almost anybody!

We have a great selection of flags!! Embroidered flags, state, decorative, holiday anything for any occasion.

Joke novelties are great seller!!

If you have any questions please call us! We are here to assist you in any way needed.



Please remember, when using promotional codes, discount codes or anything like that, please be aware that you DO NEED to use those through the website to get discounts. We are not able to take the order and do discounts over the phone.



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